2022 in Pisticci…another painting goes off up the street……

It is usually good to see paintings leave my studio. And I have permission to show which one left today.


I was very happy to paint this as it’s a larger version of a small painting I did when I was going through my ” make Pisticci more colourful” period. It feels good when someone likes a painting where I tried to do something a little different.

This is the original photo. I just exaggerated the colours.

And it was lovely to get a photo of it in its new home.

Very satisfactory!

I think maybe I needed a little break after painting all weekend so I made 2 more canvases today.

I wore the back support thingy while sawing and stapling which felt good. And my homemade mat kept my knees from freezing while kneeling on the ice cold tiles.

I also did some yoga exercises to help strengthen my back. ( well, one exercise…..5 times!)

I spent some time on the background of a portrait as I’ve learned that if I am not in a face painting mood, usually because I need a break, then painting backgrounds is a good way to make some progress.

Just looked out of the window and saw the moon.

It’s beautiful

Am happy that it’s wine time now. Been a very nice day.

(Found Canadian landscape artist of the year on youtube. Hurray! )

Cheers 🍷🍷

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