2022 in Pisticci…my candle holder bottle’s top has broken off…..

I’m tired and was trying to think of an interesting title . ² And it’s true.

The bottle was one I was given ,full of wine, for my birthday several years ago. I was living in my friend’s country house and had organised a birthday party for myself.

I was at the same time, working on an art project with my friend ,who was out of the country, and as part of that I painted cherries on the bottle. ( obviously after it was empty.)

Remembering wine bottles with wax dribbled down the sides from my youth I’ve been using it as a candle holder very happily. It makes me feel ” cool”.

Tonight I pulled the candle out to light it on the gas cooker. ( I don’t have matches. ) and the top of the bottle came off. How did that happen?

I stuck the candle in , but more glass broke off.

I’ve already chosen my next bottle to decorate and use, but it’s currently full of olive oil . Maybe I’ll paint olives on it when it’s ready.

Today was mostly about painting poppies and realising that I didn’t really understand how to draw them. The reference photo is not very clear, but not only that I am painting larger than life blooms.

Thank goodness for youtube. I now have a sheet of drawings of poppies of all shapes. Tomorrow I’ll do better.

I had to go to the far away bar today as the idiot courier( the other one is nice) keeps leaving parcels there for me.

I did need the exercise, it’s true, but it was quite a heavy parcel so was not awfully happy on the way home.

Took some photos on the way there ,but was too tired and grumpy to take more on the way back.

After a rather half hearted attempt at portrait painting this afternoon I decided that I would get up early and work all day tomorrow.

I would really like to take the weekend off.

Am glad it’s wine time. Forgot to do yoga ,but have convinced myself that I did go for a long walk and carried a heavy box so that will do instead.


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