2022 in Pisticci….another day inside…..

It feels really cold outside.

I was always cold. Unlike at least one of my sisters who would be running about wearing a tee shirt and shorts. I would be sitting reading, up a tree, wishing I was Katy in ” what Katy did” or one of the characters in ” Swallows and Amazons” or Meg in “Little Women” and I would be wearing a jumper and jeans.

I did sit up a tree reading , but not that often . However I like to imagine I was more interesting than I probably was.

I did have a place I called a magic valley for a while which was quite normal unless I said the password. Then it became somewhere special.


Oh, dear that was so true.

I thought that my life on the farm was so ordinary. Girls in books were so brave and adventurous and did stuff.

I used to write a blog called “My life as a story” because I couldn’t believe it was me living the life that I have been living for the last 17 years.

It has taken a while , but I eventually “became interesting .” Just a bit like some of the girls in the books I read.

Comfortable in my little painted house.

It’s making me smile writing this tonight.

Today I have mostly painted a portrait and watched videos on painting portraits . Because am using oil paint I’m curious to see if its very different from using acrylics.

Tomorrow I’ll paint more grass and go to the post office.

And smile ,under my mask, when I think about being interesting.


Tonight’s sunset.

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