2022 in Pisticci…Happy Monday

I had a satisfactory day planned where I would paint some grass and poppy seed heads, start a large portrait and draw a local scene.

After a disturbed night’s sleep it wasn’t feeling like such a good idea.

I decided to contact all my current clients and confirm stuff as well as update them.

That meant I could stay in the warm room for longer.

First I checked that a photo I was going to use for reference was suitable. Yes, it was. (I used to think that checking with clients made me sound like I didn’t know what I was doing. )

Then I measured out where to put the next big portrait on the particular size of canvas I had made. Decided to check with the client and sent a photo which included the small portrait I had begun , before they changed their mind and wanted a bigger version.

Now they only want the small one. I am so happy . This week I will have a reasonable amount of work instead of struggling to complete a portrait 4 times bigger than the small one. Hurray!!!

I can easily paint something else on the big canvas….when I eventually have some free time.

I was so cheered up and relieved that I decided to turn on the gas heater and paint some more of the poppy painting.

As it was being such a good morning I sent a photo of the painting as it is so far and then got a message to say that there was no hurry to finish it.

That was great as I am enjoying doing a little bit most days. That way I don’t mess it up by rushing. Bliss!

Work in progress..

Decided that after drawing the local scene I would take the day off.

As there is actually nothing to do on a day off I watched 2 short videos on painting realistic portraits in oils. Am now looking forward to getting on with my portrait.

It’s been very cold outside today and it’s supposed to be -5C tomorrow morning.

Looking out of the door and shivering.

How much can change in a day.

Wine time now. Done my minimal yoga and updated my photo work diary.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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