2022 in Pisticci…painting and brief interlude with white fluffy cat.

Today was supposed to be a full day of painting so that I can have a weekend off eventually. 

However the plan doesn’t seem to be working.

I started by turning on the portable gas heater without which there was no way I was working on the poppy painting.

Not finished ,but coming along nicely
Artists  winter outfit

I am enjoying using the water soluble oil paints much more than I thought I would. It’s also proving to be a  good thing taking my time, ( especially  now the client has said they are not in a hurry.)

It means that I don’t rush on and make all the grass or poppy seed heads all the same.

I like it a lot right now. 

The portrait  is coming along nicely too and I learned something new today. Not about colour  theory , which I have tried to learn about before without success. It’s like maths or reading a map, my brain gets puzzled and gives up.

However some arty person on a video was talking about how you could critique your own work. I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to know, but he was talking about using a mirror  or taking a photo of your painting to get a different look at your work.

It suddenly occurred  to me to use my phone as a mirror and reverse the image. Wow!!

I’ve now fixed the eyes in my portrait. I couldn’t see what was wrong  at all before. That was a useful and easy trick.

I’m pleased with the skin tones and tomorrow am planning to paint the hair. After that hopefully it will be more or less finished.

After doing my 5 minutes of yoga I thought that I should get some fresh air and there was the little white fluffy cat outside my door. It’s very friendly and let me stroke it. It used to come inside when the door was open and I wasn’t looking and then go to sleep on my bed .

It’s hard to tell what is going on with the virus here. There are over 100 people in hospital, 5 in intensive care. There were over 1000 new positives today.

I can’t believe that it’s nearly February.

Now it’s wine time and hopefully I can find something entertaining on youtube.


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