2022 in Pisticci…hurray it’s the weekend…

It feels as if it ought to mean something.

I think maybe I should find some weekendy things to do.

  Long gap………thinking……

Or I could just ignore weekends and carry on as normal.

So after watching several videos on painting  hair realistically and applying some of the principles I am about 80% finished  this latest portrait.  It is to be done by Monday. That means I will work on it off and on over the next 2 days.

Tomorrow  I may as well paint some more of the poppy painting. My plan is to have it finished by the end of next week.

I have 12 portions of lasagne in the freezer…..might eat one on Sunday. That would be different.

I could go for a walk , but I don’t really like ” pointless walking”. I need a reason to go somewhere. And there is  no reason to go out as I did the shopping with granny trolley today.

It’s too cold to sit on the doorstep  and read which is a nice weekendy thing to do.

Despite being a bit moany about weekends I have enjoyed January.  It’s good to have work.

Have a few plans for February. And then it’ll  be March and spring will be coming.

Today I read that the good masks (FFP2) are extremely effective at protecting you from covid.

And also that anti covid pills are on the way to Italy.

I also read that an independent Scotland could rejoin the EU within 5 years.

Maybe things will get better.

Doing more yoga and getting some exercise might be a good start ….

Wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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