2022 in Pisticci….where are the A Team?

Am not meaning to be flippant, but it seems to me that over the last few years my core feeling that ” everything would be okay in the end” and the ” goodies always win” has been seriously eroded.

I liked the A Team :especially the mad guy , whose name I’ve forgotten. They could fix anything. If an evil president was about to be a problem they’d come up with a cunning plan and after a few near misses it would always work out for the best where the evil president would be disposed off and the new strong honest one would thank them before they drove off to right the next wrong.

After reading an article on how life would never be the same again after covid , then this morning’s news about the Ukraine I feel sorry for the next generation and sorry that I didn’t appreciate more what I had.

There is a video of James’s 70th birthday party on the beach where everyone is laughing , playing games, eating and having a good time. Two weeks later he came off his scooter and that was the beginning of the end.

Every time I watch that video I wish we’d enjoyed it ten times more . We were all so happy that day. (I’m glad I have the video .)

When I watch films where people stand close to each other and hug each other I wish I’d enjoyed hugging more and the easy relaxed life before masks and standing apart.

So it’s back to enjoying every possible moment and trying not to take anything for granted. (And thanks to the friend who called me this afternoon who was also feeling a bit unsettled.)

Today I mainly painted trees . I’m not very good at that, but I tried.

View towards the little church.

And then I enjoyed these again.


I’ve been shopping too.

A teeny tiny staircase
Pretty steps …and luckily I come back down them with the shopping.

The stove is lit, candle too. I have enough food to eat, there might be another nice sunset and I have enough wine to last a month.

Appreciating it.

Cheers. 🍷🍷🍷

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