2022 in Pisticci…I’d almost forgotten the virus…

It was all looking very hopeful. The numbers were steadily decreasing.  I’ve been enjoying being outside without a mask,  though still wearing one , like most other people , when in busy places.


It looks like omicron ‘s little brother is now creeping around even faster and possibly leaving people with longterm problems with  memory and smell.  (Or so I read….)

Apparently  though  , numbers are increasing again in several.regions in Italy. Numbers in Basilicata are up again. And 30 new cases in Pisticci.

At least I have a lot of FFP2 masks. ( I didn’t know when I bought them that they were reusable. )

So a virus and a war!! Though to be fair there have been lots of wars . I just hadn’t noticed.

However one thing of note happened today.

I slept all night from 9pm until after 6am. That only happens to me about twice a year….and it doesn’t matter how much I try to replicate the circumstances of the previous day , it doesn’t work again. But it was a lovely feeling. Sigh🙂

Today, I mainly worked on the portrait commission which is looking better than yesterday.

I went out for a brief walk ,but it was so cold and windy that I came home colder than when I’d gone out.

Low clouds in the valley
Didn’t want to get blown down here.
Little covid and friend waiting hopefully

As a treat I worked for a while on my local scene with washing. It’s nearly finished now ,and was fun to paint.

Very colourful

There wasn’t any snow despite the forecast.

But it was so cold that I looked out my thermal tee shirt. So now am up to 4 layers. 5 is maximum as after that my arms can’t move. But have not resorted to hat and scarf ,so is not too bad.

Now it’s wine time after a satisfactory day.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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