2022 in Pisticci..back to work….

It’s difficult to have a routine and I can’t remember when life felt normal. I sometimes wonder if some of that feeling is because of being brought up on a farm where life seemed to stay the same for the whole of my childhood.

But despite , and including virus and war, I am making a working week of sorts.

This morning I remembered to do my 5 minutes yoga etc.

Then I forgot I was supposed to be writing the ” not war diary” . Fitted that in after lunch .

I always imagine that I will start painting and knowing what I am doing I will create something special. (assume I am an incurable optimistic )

What actually happened today was that I painted for an hour, got bored …am I not supposed to be full of artistic enthusiasm….Read a book for half an hour…..painted some more, read a book again, finally made an effort and now one of the faces is lobster coloured .. .. I expect it’ll be better tomorrow……

I did fit in moving 30 photos to a new folder to be used in my next local scenes and chose the scene for my next commission.

I invariably misjudge how much work I can get through in a day.

As a treat I did some work on my latest local scene. It’s looking very colourful. One more afternoon and it should be finished.

Complicated windows.

I quite enjoyed painting this. Now I think it needs some depth. Never having had any formal training and being unable to understand a whole lot of artistic theory I just keep looking and painting and often magically it seems a scene suddenly becomes 3 dimensional .

I considered exercise a lot today…but didn’t actually do any. Must go for a walk tomorrow.

I popped out. ( it’s cold) to see if there was a pretty sunset.

Average sunset

Snow is forecast tomorrow.

Finally it’s winetime and Miss Marple again.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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