2022 in Pisticci…time to wake up….

It occurred to me to today when speaking to a friend about a yoga class, that if my old yoga class here started up again I would find the money and go again.

War and a virus are an odd combination. One makes me want to stay home and the other makes me want to go out and do stuff again while I still can.

A yoga class might not be a big deal, but I loved the class with Paola twice a week. At first James went too, but soon decided he preferred to exercise only his arm using a beer glass.

Later on I went on my own on my scooter, and then latterly by bus. I met some lovely people and have some great memories. It was the only time in the week when I could properly relax. It wasn’t sweaty yoga ,but chilling yoga.

As far as I know the class finished and has never restarted.

However that felt like the first sign of me waking up after this 2 year semi life.

It’s not as if I haven’t done anything in that time, but somewhere I lost something.

Today I more or less finished the portrait and have prepared the next local scene.

Another scene I haven’t painted before.

My plan is to start another small portrait tomorrow in the morning and then work on the local scene in the afternoon.

I am enjoying being nicely busy.

I found a portrait I did several years ago on facebook memories.


I don’t know how many portraits I’ve painted now. Must be hundreds. Some things I do better now , but still lots of room for improvement. There hasn’t been one I started where I didn’t wonder if I would be able to do it.

Must be wine time now ………


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