2022 in Pisticci…..digging in the cellar

Today I’ve been tired . Mainly due to spending half the night dreaming that I was a soldier and was digging out a cellar to make it into a bomb shelter. I was also trying to organise one of these big tunnel digger machines to dig a tunnel so that food and supplies could be brought into the city which was under siege.

Then I woke up about 3am still wondering how  quickly the tunnel digger could reach the city.

I was glad when it was finally 6am.

Today the temperature  inside was 16C . As usual I cleaned out the stove and made sure it had enough pellets in it and then forgot to light it.  That’s the 3d time I’ve done that. I then think ” It’s awful cold in here?” and realise it’s not lit.

As I wasn’t feeling at all like painting I went out to buy more wood to make my next big canvas.

This might make a good painting.
A street near the hardware shop.
Home again with 4 pieces of wood

Now I’m  organised  to start my next commission.

I made an effort to begin the next portrait , but decided after an hour to leave it until tomorrow.

It was easier to work on the new local scene.

Looks like it will work.

Meanwhile my electric bill arrived online and was a bit of a shock. It used to be about €50 for 2 months, went up to €77 and this time it’s €111. I know it’s not much compared to UK prices, but I haven’t used any more than normal.

I checked out if pellet stoves used much electricity and apparently they are the same as a big TV. I’ve decided to only use my Christmas lights at weekends , but apart from that I’m already about as careful as I can be. If I wasn’t afraid of sleeping in the dark I could always turn that light off I suppose.. ..or not.

It could be a lot worse.

Perhaps tonight I could dream of a system whereby I could bottle the excess heat from the summer. I already think of the summer sun as free heating .

I tried out my curling tongs again today and with a bit of practice I think I could have bouncier hair.

I hope the price of wine doesn’t go up too much. That would be sad!!

Cheers 🍷🍷

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