2022 in Pisticci..grey skies and pansies…..

And no electricity  for several hours this morning. It was a bit disconcerting to wake up and wonder what was different , then realise there was no light.

I’m not fond of sleeping in the dark.

I stayed in bed for a while hoping it might come on again, but by 7am I thought that I’d  better get up.

(It’s nearly 6pm in the evening and now the WiFi is off. !!)

I’m okay as I have a gas cooker and a portable gas heater which I can use. But it was so quiet.

No electricity  means no WiFi, so no radio, no music and depending on how my phone Internet feels, possibly no contact.

Happily it came back on about 9am after I had just checked with my neighbour to see if their electric was off too.

It’s a little scary how dependent I am on something I have no control over.

I thought that I could paint if I sat next to the window and I had candles and a torch. I felt a bit pathetic really.

So it was good to go to the market where finally I found pansies.

This afternoon  I worked on a lovely colourful local scene.

( have now had to turn the stove off so that I can turn the electric off to restart ( hopefully ) the WIFI. )

Most colourful local scene so far.

I was glad to finish work this afternoon ,but am not too happy about an evening without WIFI.

I have books and now I think about it I have some music saved on a  little plug in thing.

It’s a cold damp evening so I don’t feel like going out.

It would be nice to say that I would enjoy a night free from social media, Miss Marple and people contacting me…..

Hurray the WiFi is back on and I was able to download photos again and I will be entertained this evening. 💃💃💃

Wine time now. ( and Miss Marple.)


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