2022 in Pisticci…a very visual day…..

Or in other words I’m tired and I have quite a lot of photos. It’s been a busy day.

First I planted my pansies. It was very cold and damp.

Then it was heavy rain.

Next , I took James down off the wall and put him on a stretcher . Now he is hanging in my workroom.
After that I rearranged a lot of paintings so that there were no big gaps.

I mostly moved all my more personal paintings to the workroom. Which meant rearranging almost everything else. I was up and down the ladder a lot and there was a whole lot of hammering going on.

Left my portrait and the portrait of my daughter’s wedding as it is my bedroom as well as gallery.
This wall is completely changed and now my 8 latest local scenes are hanging. With room for another 8 I think. After that I will need to reorganise again.

It might not look like it , but if I rearrange paintings on the other 2 walls in the future then I can create quite a lot more space.

By 3pm I was ready to start the next local scene.

Have painted this scene so often before so it’s a challenge to make it interesting for myself.

And finally it’s wine time. Hurray!


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