2022 in Pisticci….10 drawings, a castle ,a church and a door…..

I was really supposed to be painting the castle, church and lots of little white houses today, but I got side tracked and drew local scenes very roughly on ten more canvases.

There are more than 10 ready to paint now.

I have room to display them now that I’ve tidied out my gallery. So every reason to carry on.

That took a while and after that I spent some time on the commission with the church, castle and lots of little white houses. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of work.

Very roughly done so far. Is not a realistic view but a selection of real and made up buildings.

I hadn’t much energy left for the local scene.

Painted the door and then struggled with the buildings at the back on the left. I’m not very good at suggesting doors, windows etc.

Yesterday I moved a clay figure playing a guitar, through into my living room. It isn’t very good but, it’s better than I thought it was.

I read more stuff about Ukraine which made me feel sad again. What is going to happen? It’s all very unsettling.

Then there is covid in the UK. In Scotland (if I read it correctly) then there are more people in hospital than ever before.

Maybe I knew today that I needed to draw all these new scenes so that I have something constructive to do while waiting to see what happens next. I may as well paint Pisticci ……

Now thank goodness for wine. (and Miss Marple)


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