2022 in Pisticci…what a lovely day….

Just a collection of little things.

Am now 80% finished this and onto the nice little bits.

A friend dropped by and brought some odds and ends she didn’t need. As in one person’s rubbish is another’s treasure, look what I found!!

It fitted my broom handle!

When I last washed the floor, I used an old tee-shirt tied over the end of a sweeping brush. It was okay….but now that I have a proper mop I might be inspired to wash it again. Was ridiculously excited to get this.

I had a lovely phone call with an old friend. And among lots of news and remembrances I discovered that a sore back was a not uncommon side effect of the covid vaccine. So it probably wasn’t a problem with my old futon bed after all that caused my sore back last summer. Hearing this has made me feel surprisngly younger and more flexible again. I had thought it was old age.

A nice young man dropped by and changed my WIFI thingy which is fixed to the outside wall of my house. ( no cost) We had a nice chat and I held the ladder for him. I think he said that I needed the thingy changed as the internet was so much faster now.

I worked on my latest local scene which is quite complicated, but is coming along nicely.

I am pleased with the 2 little statues. Think I should finish it tomorrow.

It helped that I woke up today after sleeping for 7 hours without a break. Bliss!

Then this was the view this morning.


And now it’s wine time. Hurray!


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