2022 in Pisticci…one adventure before breakfast….

Last night I went outside to inspect my new WiFi thingy. As I was admiring it and feeling relieved that it worked, I noticed something on the roof.

It was the old WiFi thingy.

Obviously it had been put there and then forgotten about.

This morning I could have phoned the person who left it there so that he could take it away.

Or I could wait a while and get my friendly neighbour to lend me his long ladder.

Or I could climb up on my roof and get it that way.

After reading the weather forecast. High winds and rain I decided on the third option.

My roof is the one behind the white wall.

To get up on my roof I needed to go up into the next street.

Then I squeezed past the fence and across the roof of an underground cellar. Mostly overgrown.

Next it required a bit of gymnastics to swing myself up over the wall by using the metal fence .

Luckily all my tiles are cemented on so I carefully walked up and over the roof and then along the side leaning up against the wall of the house above.

The WiFi thingy wasn’t very heavy ,but if it had blown off the roof and landed on me it would not have been good. Or alternatively it could have hit the new WiFi thingy on its way down.

I managed to get back off the roof only slipping once on the tiles.

It was a nice little adventure to start the day.

And when the wind got up and the rain came down I was glad I had done it.

After that nothing very exciting happened.

My commission is now signed and anything more I do to it is just fiddling.

Tomorrow I might put it in a frame.

After lunch and shopping I worked some more on the latest local scene. It’s nearly finished.

Am not completely happy with this yet.

I went out to take a photo of my roof as it would have been difficult to explain how it is. Then I thought I’d take a photo of Pisticci. It looks so different when it’s grey and dismal.

View towards the chiesa madre and the castle.

Now it’s wine time.


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