2022 in Pisticci….some imagination

I took a photo of my desk this morning because it looked so good.

Both the desk and the chair have a history.

It certainly helps me to write bits and pieces when I imagine myself sitting here.

When I was growing up in Scotland I wanted to be characters out of the many children’s books I read. My own life never seemed very interesting .

I never dreamed that I would ever live in a small village in the south of Italy and be an artist.

And sometimes it feels like I’ve created a ” film set “and a “character ” .

Lots of people say that my house is ,” the house of an artist”. I love it , but it really is a ” stage set” with it’s fake nearly everything.

2 fake windows, fake cooker, fake dresser, fake bricks, fake plants, fake woodwork…….

After a long chat with someone today I was left wondering what is real life.

I’m smiling as I write this because even if I’m a fake I am enjoying this way of spending my time and appreciating how lucky I am.

This morning I sat at my desk and wrote for about 45 minutes . I like that I have opinions on the war in Ukraine and wonder if anyone will ever read what I was writing . It doesn’t matter too much as it helps me to get my head in order to paint.

Today I was happy to paint lots of details on my latest local scene. ( the complicated one.)

Still not finished

The sun has shone all day , and tomorrow it’s to be even warmer.

Outside about half an hour ago.

Now I need to decide whether to light the stove for an hour before I go out. It’s lovely outside but a bit chilly in here……….

Might have a glass of wine while I decide.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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