2022 in Pisticci..too much excitement…..

Not really……but for someone who has been living a very quiet life for the last 2 years, then 3 social events in 3 days feels like a whirlwind.

Last night I was out with friends for pizza, in a restaurant….with other people in it. It was a lovely evening and almost felt like old times. I had forgotten how much I liked a tonno e cipolla pizza. ( ate the leftovers for breakfast .)

Then this morning I met a friend for coffee. We caught up on the last few months and enjoyed the sunshine.

Sunshine ….and snow on the mountains.
It was so warm that being in the shade was good.

And tomorrow I have another old friend coming here for a catch up.

It’s like coming out of hibernation.

In between socialising I managed to fit in some work.

This was horribly complicated
Something a bit simpler next.

It’s been warm outside today , but is still 18c inside so I lit the stove about 4pm.

Now for a glass of wine.


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