2022 in Pisticci….still smiling since last night …..

Despite rain , wind and cold outside.

Windy , but dry when I went to the supermarket.

However I decided that I would light the stove after I had put on yet another jumper and there was no sign of the weather getting any better.


And I made peanut butter. 😋

I expect that helped greatly with my painting. It actually took all morning just to paint the edges.


But ,back to last night and why I’m still smiling.

I was just sitting with a glass of wine when there was a knock at the window and there were a couple of lovely strangers who had read my blog. What a nice surprise. I have sometimes wondered if some day that would happen . And now it has. 😀

Me , looking very happy to have met new people

I was still wondering if I had dreamed it all when a friend rang to ask if I had any more copies of my book as someone else wanted to buy a copy. That means I will only have one copy left and she seemed to think it would be easy to sell it as well if I wanted to part with it. Wow!!

Maybe I will find a way to get it on Amazon yet. I had sort of given up.

I was so happy I bought a dress…..oops!!!

It’s really just a very long shirt, but it would work very well with my ” layers” plan.

I’ve begun the next local scene.

Not sure if this will work out.

Now it’s wine time again. And the weekend. 😀


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