2022 in Pisticci….cobwebs, wind and rain.

This morning began with strong winds in a different direction so that the big tree was bending towards my house. It feels more comfortable when it’s pointing away from me.

I had plans to go out , but there wasn’t much point in getting cold and wet for no good reason.

So I thought that rather than paint the window with the new improved catches, I would at least dust it and remove the cobwebs. I’m surprised there are any as considering the drafts coming through the gaps I didn’t think they would survive.

However the top of my door is now cobweb free.

Some cobwebs in my house will be staying as they are too high to reach and falling off a ladder trying to get rid of a cobweb seems mad.

Having run out of entertaining things I wanted to do I got to work painting.

Not a very ” weekendly ” day.

Not finished yet.

Half way through the morning the fireplace cover nearly blew in so I had to get out the floor brush.

Works perfectly.

It’s been lovely having the stove on all day as outside the wind howled constantly.

Am glad it’s wine time.

It looks like there is another episode of ” have I got news for you” available on youtube.

Cosy Saturday night in….cheers 🍷🍷

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