2022 in Pisticci…32C inside isn’t as bad as 40C

I’m sure I remember summer temperatures being a nice steady 25C inside, but this morning it was 32C. I felt rather worried about that all day until someone told me that it was 40C in their house.

It just takes a little reorganisation to be relatively comfortable here.

This room is underground at the back and has 2 storeys above.

It worked well and I finished drawing the next 6 local scenes.

Was a nice job. I enjoyed drawing these.

I decided that I needed some more reference photos for my next commission so I headed off to take some photos around 7pm.

I painted this little church….
Before it got this beautiful new door.
In the piazza
35C and it was after 7pm
I love this red umbrella

And now I’m home again and prepared for tomorrow’s work.

I’m also trying out wet towels in front of my fan as my eyes have been dry and sore today.

The fan is behind the towel.

I’m not sure that I understand the principle of how fans work , but I’ll get there. It’s still a bit too hot to sit outside right now.(8pm).

And my eyes are feeling much better.

Wine time now.


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