2022 in Pisticci..Hurray my solar lights work…..

I suppose that I shouldn’t be so surprised, but I have very little faith in mechanicalish stuff and my ability to make it work. ³

And after getting up about 5am this morning when I couldn’t sleep I was looking forward to a nice sunny day, as forecast, and was dismayed to hear rain and then thunder. I’d been prepared for rain yesterday when it didn’t happen.

But today was supposed to be washing day and charging up my solar lights.

It has cheered up now, but is very, very windy.

You can see the wind in the tree.

All morning it was dark inside. Thunder rumbled and it rained intermittently.

I signed my latest painting and it’s now with its new owners and will be going to Canada.

I spent 15 minutes on the latest portrait and now it’s finished.

Just had to go and check that I signed it. Yes, I did.

After lunch the sun came back ,but it was very windy. My solar lights are meant to be attached to a fence ,but my plan is to charge them outside and then use them inside in the evenings. It was difficult to know where to put them safely so they wouldn’t get blown away. The wind is really going for it.

However after a mixture of sitting on the table and then being transferred to the doorstep they appear to have charged up a bit.

There is light!!!!

Can’t wait for it to get dark now.

I’ve started another commission which I plan to work on tomorrow.

And spent a lot of time putting on and taking off a tee shirt as one minute I’m cold, then I’m hot.

I’ve looked out my clothes for travelling to Scotland , but may well change my mind several times before I leave.

I’m getting fed with Poirot , but can’t find anything else I like on youtube just now. I should probably check some of the sites I have subscribed to and see if they have downloaded anything interesting.

The wind is still howling up the street and it’s as well that my plastic chairs are tucked in against the table. At different times they have blown right down the street to the fence and up the street ,not quite reaching a parked car.

Wine time now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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