2022 in Pisticci… a nice slow Sunday….

It was only 25C downstairs this morning and outside it was chilly , but sunny.

I decided that rather than using the washing machine, I’d just soak the small amount of clothes needing washed.

Then after my usual Sunday email I set off to the supermarket. I had to wear another layer and was still a bit chilly in the shadows. I can clearly remember coming home at lunch time from mural painting and carefully keeping to the shadows as it was about 40C .

Still lots of scooters about.
Plenty shadows here.
A typical street
Sunday in Piazza San Rocco
The way to Dirupo

This morning I found a nice safe place for my solar lights to charge.

Using the sun for clothes drying as well.
Last night with one light hanging on the chandelier and another on the lamp.

I stuck one lamp in the shower room when I went to bed and took the other one upstairs with me. Worked fine. I wonder if it will be enough when the nights are longer.

I worked on my new commission today and enjoyed it. As I plan to add some things which aren’t in the photo I downloaded a photo of the painting as it is and then tried out several options. I can’t believe how easy it is. Now I’m ready to begin again tomorrow.

I found 2 episodes of “Shetland ” yesterday so didn’t have to watch yet another episode of Poirot. I liked the scenery a lot. I’ve never been to Shetland, but I visited Orkney about 40 years ago.

Today I found a new episode of Landscape Artist of the Year and was entertained during lunch. I pretty much agreed with the judges choice of winner. ( But very few of their comments. ) As I’m very fond of ” pretty chocolate box” scenes it’s not really surprising.

Now it’s wine time. Hurray!

Cheers 🍷🍷

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