2022 in Pisticci…bits and pieces…..

I did a little portrait painting before getting picked up to go to the market. The figures are more or less done. I’m experimenting with backgrounds on my Paintart app now. It saves trying to paint over things which don’t look right. As I might be painting a lot of green leaves which would be very difficult to paint over this really helps.

The market was fun. I was in the mood for some retail therapy. (A whole €6 , 2 thick jumpers and a thick fleece jacket.) I couldn’t find a “hot cat” though.

Lovely day .

I found Fluffy sitting on someone’s doorstep.( presumably gets fed there too .) Then she followed me so I had to run away…..well hobble quickly.

Poor little puss….

Actually I forgot that I had a sore foot today except when trying to run so it’s definitely getting better.

When my only means of transport is on foot it really matters that the foot in question functions.

I splurged and watched 2 episodes of portrait artist of the year at lunch time. Inspiring again to see artists at work.

Now my last 2 commissions have been collected and paid for so am very happy. I always get anxious before clients arrive to collect paintings.

My heated blankety thing arrived today with the cheerful postman.

I tried it out at lunch time while watching YouTube. It plugs into my laptop. I assume that means it doesn’t use a lot of electricity. It got warm rather than hot, but was quite nice.

It’s still not that cold so all my heating plans are still just plans.

Though I am using ” hotdoggio” in the evenings.

I got some photos from the people who visited yesterday. ( thank you)

I liked this one of me in particular outside my house. I think I look much nicer than I imagined.

Big show off…..

What with a nice photo, some retail therapy and my paintings off to their new home it’s been a very cheering sort of day.

Now it’s time for a glass of wine.



  1. Anne, It is a lovely photo of you, and it was such a beautiful day! I was so happy to see the markers on your desk. The way you have them displayed looks like an artist’s bouquet. We enjoyed visiting with you and hope to be back again next year. In the meantime, I’ll continue to “live” in Pisticci through your words and images. Warm regards, Victoria

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