2022 in Pisticci….looking at the moon…..

I can see the moon while I’m sitting in my armchair. It’s taking a while to cross from one side of my window to the other.

I opened the door to take this photo.

It’s very pleasant sitting here looking at the moon and enjoying my new heated blanket. I draped it over the back of the chair and it’s just perfect.

I gave my friend hotdoggio while she was here and we were both warm. I expect the wine and animated conversation helped too.

Today I mostly painted lampshades. One I painted black and blue with a logo on it. It needs some tidying up.

I’ve drawn a sort of monster on the other one which I’ll paint tomorrow. I get some interesting jobs.

The electricity was off this morning for three hours. I presume something was getting fixed. I didn’t see any notices , but no doubt there are some somewhere as my neighbours seemed to know all about it.

It was a perfect opportunity to try out my power bank thing. My kindle was down to 17%. After about an hour it had reached 38%. I suppose that was okay.

Tomorrow I hope to finish with the lampshades.

Now it’s a continuation of wine time.

And I can still see the moon.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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