2022 in Pisticci/Perth…..so much TV…..

Considering I don’t have a TV at home and am quite happy with YouTube and my Kindle, I’ve done nothing but watch TV for the last week .

While I haven’t felt well it’s been keeping me amused. I don’t know how many episodes of “A place in the sun” I’ve watched. Then I’ve seen wrecks restored, chateaux done up, multiple escapees in the country and my favourite, which is called ” Money for Nothing” where someone takes something about to be dumped and turns it into something valuable.

I’ve watched several episodes of the Crown which I liked more than I thought I would and today I saw the start of the Netflix series about ” Harry and Meghan”

It’s very odd being here and not 100% . I think I need to get home soon and recover my life.

Maybe the fact that my pellet stove needs repaired is bothering me . Yesterday I read that in Basilicata where people get free gas , that perhaps there will be something done about pellets as well.

When I felt fit and well it was okay to imagine a slightly chilly winter , but with candles and a heated blanket. Not forgetting hot doggio.

I’ve now had nearly 3 weeks of luxurious Central heating . Perhaps I’m getting soft .

I’ve some work waiting to be done when I get back, but there is no word of a Christmas Market so far and the thought of spending hours standing outside in a cold evening is not appealing. Definitely getting soft.

It nearly snowed here today and I’ve only briefly been outside and in a big shop where the selection of food, compared to Pisticci is breathtaking .Its like another world

I’d better get home soon . I have a gas heater and an electric blanket so I’ll be fine.

I’ve got a portrait to finish and another lampshade to paint as well as possibly a mural to plan. There are still about 6 of my small local scenes to finish. I won’t be bored.

I just need to get on that plane………

So cosy………

Time for wine now.


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