2022 in Pisticci/Perth……more TV

I’ve now watched all three episodes of ” Harry and Meghan”. Its been very interesting . Normally because I don’t have a TV or Netflix I wouldn’t be up to date with any new programmes so I’m curious to see if my impressions are anything like anyone else’s.

I’m aware that someone’s story can be told from a variety of standpoints.

I was so busy watching it this afternoon that I missed most of Portrait artist of the year. And it was one I hadn’t seen!

It’s been cold but pretty today.

Views from my bedroom

I’m feeling a bit stressed about my next attempt to get home. I hope by acknowledging that then my stomach won’t need to ” shout” at me.

I’ll miss Doug the dog when I leave.

He’s very funny.

I wonder if Fluffy will come back……

I gave myself a fright this morning when I thought the Perth forecast on my phone was for Pisticci. Thankfully not. It’s about 14C there .

I think it must be wine time now. It’s dark outside.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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