2023 in Pisticci….back to work….

I’m not sure if today is a holiday so I compromised by working ,but not contacting anyone incase they were on holiday. “Anyone” being the gas man, the stove fixing person, possible portrait client and possible mural client.

I was cold again this morning and decided I couldn’t work if I was continually getting up to do something just to distract myself.

Then I decided that if the gas runs out in my heater I’ll use the gas from the cooker. This is not a money problem,  but a situational one. Partly due to the gas man being on holiday and made more difficult by the stove man not turning up . All of this is obviously  made worse by all these holidays……and we aren’t finished yet in Italy. The crazy witch lady is yet to come.

I had read somewhere that heating up your pellet stove with a hairdryer might encourage  it to start. I didn’t really think it would work, but I would have enjoyed telling people that I fixed my stove ( sort of) by myself. So I opened the door and turned on the hairdryer.  I was then covered in soot!! It’s  not that the stove was particularly  dirty, it just wasn’t  entirely  clean. Doh!!!

I’ve been enjoying posting a painting a day on facebook for 10 days. This is my 4th one.

I’ve always liked this . The little girl is now at university and the little boy is leaving school this year.

I spent a lot of time online this morning trying to find another app to fix blurry photos. The one I had been using now won’t work unless I pay quite a lot of money monthly . It took ages to find another one which worked and I could afford.  Most of the ” free” ones are only free for a week .

I also managed to get on my WIFI  app. I must remember that just because it doesn’t  always work that it is not necessarily  my fault.

My new diary is getting well used and I added another 8 photos to my art work diary.

In between Fluffy joined me for a snack .

Finally got a photo of her looking in the window.

After lunch I decided to see if I could finish the latest painting.

Very nearly done

Now I’m sitting with hotdoggio on my knee and glad it’s wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Another pretty sunset.

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