2023 in Pisticci….progress…..

I didn’t sleep well last night. I would read, fall asleep ,then 20 minutes later wake up. This went on all night. Sometimes when that happens I wonder if I have eaten or drunk something strange. Or it could have been that I had to contact 4 people today about various things and was a little worried about it. I have noticed that I am my own worst enemy.

So first thing I did when I got up was message the gas man, the stove shop and two clients. I used a translating app to make things easier. Then I wondered what I’d been so worried about.

I put the next day’s painting on facebook.

I still remember the day when I decided to chose the most sugary, creamy sweet possible.

It was good to go out later to meet a friend for a new year’s prosecco.

After finishing this little painting.

Not sure that I like it, but it’s done

As I now have an appointment with a client and the gas man coming tomorrow I thought I might as well go shopping.

Can never resist this scene.
Beautiful blue sky
Good day for washing.

My next portrait commission is confirmed. Tomorrow I’ll start that.

Now it’s dark outside and fairly dark inside too as I’m still just using my solar lights or candles. ( except when I need a bright light…then I’m using the proper ones. )

I’m warm and comfy as I’ve got hotdoggio on my knee.

Wine time now.


Foggy sunset tonight.

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