2023 in Pisticci…A good beginning…….

Last night I considered putting my ladder up against the wall so that I could see the fireworks at midnight from my doorway.

Then I asked myself ,”what did I really want to do?” So just before midnight I walked round the corner and up to the little church where there is a lovely view of most of Pisticci.

The little church
Looking over Pisticci

There was no one there when I arrived. I had the whole of Pisticci to myself. Then fireworks went off all over the town. It was pretty special.

So that was a ” tick” for “do more brave things.” I think bravery is relative.

This morning I had breakfast sitting on the doorstep. It was a bit cold , but worth it.

No sign of Fluffy, just a patient little black cat.

Today seemed to be more of a fight to stay warm.

Eventually I went outside with a book and sat outside for several hours where there was free heating from the sun. Fingers crossed that the gas man is back in town soon.

It made me smile to think that I was achieving another of my goals, which was “to live a quiet life and appreciate not being bombed. “

I watched the whole New Year speech by President Zelensky so I knew what I had.

I’m enjoying putting my 10 paintings on Facebook .

Number 2
Number 3

It’s a treat to post paintings I like with no thought of selling them.

I spent half an hour working on the little local scene, but got fed up and cold so gave up.

Tomorrow will be a work day.

Now it’s wine time. I wonder what this year will bring…….



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