2023 in Pisticci….a good day…..

Today the gas man delivered a new bombola. ( Gas cannister) I was very happy to see him. Now I don’t need to worry about my gas running out in my heater. As it is definitely getting colder that is very reassuring.

I posted my 6th painting on facebook today. It was a portrait of James with his little white kitten.

I started the next portrait today which includes 3 small heads and everything went so well that I have virtually finished all 3 figures including the faces. Very satisfying.

I’ve been to measure up for my next indoor mural. I’m quite excited about this as there are to be no little white houses, but lots of flowers and some stonework. And I will only be working in the evenings. ( from 16.30- 20.00)

I walked home about 5pm tonight. It was very pretty.

View towards Dirupo
There was a big dog on the balcony ,but it left just as I took the photo.
One of my favourite views.
I’ve never managed to capture the way the church looms over the piazza…..but I keep trying.
The fruit and veg shop must be closed for a holiday.

I’m looking forward to designing ( with the client) this new mural. I’ve taken several measurements so theoretically I can plan to scale. However knowing my arithmetical skills are rubbish I’ll hope for the best.

So , if all goes according to plan, wine time and blogging next week will happen after 8pm.

But tonight it’s not quite 6pm .

Wine time.


Dusk in via Custoza.

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