2023 in Pisticci….more muralling…..

Am not absolutely  sure there is such a word as muralling…..or if it should be spelled muraling……but I’m too tired to go and Google it.

Tonight after much huffing and puffing and more measuring I finally got the balustrade  painted more or less by guess work. Maybe my brain is more intelligent than a measuring tape. The trouble with things like balustrades is that they don’t look good if every little pillar is a different size and shape.  And an arch should really be …..arch shaped and more or less the same size all over. And vertical lines should be….er.. vertical.  In a painting it’s  easy enough to get vertical lines by using the edges, however I am painting in an arch and I can’t reach the top. The space is 290cms high and 315 wide…at the bottom.

However, progress was made and I have a plan for tomorrow. At this point I should say that my scale drawing is not right. I obviously don’t know how that happened.

Tomorrow I hope to finish the composition.

On the way tonight. Another mural.

I enjoyed walking home afterwards. My new jacket is keeping me very warm.

A back street in Pisticci
Never seen these windows open before
Decorations still up.

Other than that I didn’t do much today. I was a little bored so did some housework. Having a friend round tomorrow was an incentive.

It’s been very windy all day and looks like it will be the same all week. It wasn’t very noticeable walking home until I turned into my street.

More plaster was blown off the house opposite again.

It’s lovely to sit here and relax now. I’m really enjoying using candles for lighting in the evenings.

I think there is a new episode of Graham Norton on youtube to watch .

And I have a box of wine to open.


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