2023 in Pisticci…market and packing….

Packing, doesn’t really describe what I have to do. I put my tablet, kindle, a sketch pad , chargers and some make up in my rucksack and other than my passport and phone ,that is me all done.

Tomorrow morning about 5am I plan to make some biscuits and cheese to eat on the journey and then stroll to the nearby Piazza where a friend is giving me a lift to Ferrandina railway station where the airport bus stops. (I hope!)

This morning I was looking forward to going to the street market and then meeting some friends in a bar afterwards. I should have paid more attention to my message and then I would have gone to the right bar. However at least I did get another commission in the ” wrong ” bar.

It was lovely to stop and chat to people on the way into town.

I bought 3 polo neck jumpers at the market. Hopefully they’ll last 10 years like my last ones.

Looking back at the end of the market
Before heading up into town….
My favourite hardware shop
Nursery , where I met the mural client.
Shadows in the piazza
8C in the shade
Heading downhill again
There is snow on the mountains.

Now I’ve cleaned all my paintbrushes and laid away all my new paint. I learned a lot while mural painting. Though there might not be a lot of demand for peacock painting.

Hair is dyed now, and most of my gadgets are charged. Might go to bed early tonight.

I have a little project in mind to keep me occupied while I’m hanging around Bari and Milan Airports.

But for now a glass of wine and some taralli seems like a good idea. And the candles need lighting…..



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