2023 in Pisticci/Perth….out for a walk…

It hasn’t rained today. It wasn’t even so very cold. My new jacket is keeping me warm, but it’s not as pretty as my other one.

I always think I look older in Scotland . It could be that my main mirror in pisticci is slightly tinted and the one here isn’t or it might be that I concentrate on travelling and keeping warm clothes when I’m here.

I’m off the hat. Am now wearing it backwards. Had to borrow mark’s boots.

It was a lovely walk out by Scone Airport.

Finally caught a plane passing.
Trees look great against the sky.
Not much green…..
Typical view
I like ploughed fields.

I spent some time when we got home, typing out my mural story.

Then met up with another daughter for a drink. Chose the red wine by the label. It was a nice colour.

It was a great wine. ( Jam Shed, malbac.)

Now I’m home again and having fish fingers for tea. Yummmm!!!


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