2023 in Pisticci/Perth……thinking about home…

I must have read the weather forecast for Pisticci  wrong as I thought I was returning to temperatures around 3C. Instead it looks like there will be sunshine and around 14C for most of next week. Might even get breakfast on my doorstep.

I’m looking  forward to getting on with things .

Firstly I want to make a picture book on  Blurb using my 50 paintings of Pisticci.

Then I would like to put the book I wrote on Amazon.

I want to keep on painting small scenes of Pisticci as they sold well last year.

And more ……..

I think my house could do with a  paint touch up and a good tidy.

I have 4 possible commissions waiting.

And I should probably get some exercise.

I didn’t get round to painting a new digital painting today as I was quite busy catching up with family before leaving.

I suppose I should be packing , but I don’t leave until about 9.45am tomorrow. It’ll be a long day, but no 3am start. Plenty of time to shove everything into my tiny rucksack in the morning.

Now I might have a glass of wine. (Had vegetarian  haggis for lunch again. Was delicious)


View tonight. Tomorrow I should be flying over Europe at this time.

One comment

  1. Knowing you are fast asleep. We are just back from the weekly pub with friends. Hoping a safe easy trip home, and happy to know you will return to decent weather and fluffy to great you🍷❤️

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