2023 in Pisticci/Perth……busy day and few photos….

I’ve been out all afternoon amid moody grey skies and dull brown countryside , but no photos as I was in a car.

We went to a Garden Centre which sold an amazing variety of goods including clothes, sweets, shoes, children’s books…..and lots of other things.

Then we went to an upcycling centre where I saw the ” lady who’s on TV” and finally an Antiques centre where I discovered I’ve gone off antiques.

After that we went out for a meal and I’m just now home.

This morning I thought I’d draw my favourite wine.

I like the composition.

Katy sent me this photo of Doug who is always cute.

Doug the dog.

I’ve booked my bus to the airport and arranged to get collected at Ferrandina so am pretty well organised.


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