2023 in Pisticci….slow Sunday…..

It was quite a nice morning and I had coffee outside. ( fluffy, having taken over my seat, was an incentive.)

Still foggy, but not cold.

After coming back inside and moving Fluffy off my seat , she jumped back up on my knee and I decided , it was Sunday, she was free heating, so I’d just relax for a while and listen to the radio.

Free heating

After having eaten a lot of oatcakes in Scotland I thought that I might try to make some. It didn’t occur to me to look for a recipe.

I ground up half a bag of porage oats so that I had something resembling a very rough flour. I added some salt ( too much I think.) Then rubbed in approximately 2 heaped tablespoonfuls of sunflower marge. After that I added some water so that I could make small balls. I only had a small tin baking tray so I put 4 oat balls in it and squashed them flat with a spatula.

Then for the dangerous unpredictable part. Using the gas oven. It has no numbers and reliably burns everything I put in it except carrots.

However I was very careful and checked every few minutes, turning the oatcakes when they were a bit brownish underneath.

The first 4 took about 20 mins to bake. The second four were done in 15 and the the third lot were taken out after about 12 minutes.

None of them were burned. Hurray!.

Very happy with this.

I forgot to say that I had already made peanut butter to spread on them .

Very nice indeed.😋

Today was a day of phonecalls. It’s good to keep in touch.

Now having just watched a video about a family of nomads in Kazakhstan I feel quite lazy.

Back to work tomorrow.

Wine time now.


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