2023 in Pisticci…back to work….

Today’s work was to begin the process of making a photo book on Blurb.

I have given myself two and a half months to get this done.

And if every days is like today I might need all that time.


Watched a useful video about using Bookwright. Made by someone who used normal language and said you should make several test books first as you were likely to need some practice. Believable.

10am….. downloaded all 52 photos which I intend to use in this book onto a folder in my laptop. Only took 15 minutes to work out how to make a new folder and then to find it again.

Downloaded ” wonderful” app which said it was free( only for a week) and would increase the pixels in my photos so that they would print well.( only did this on the paid version.) Deleted this in disgust.

Decided to write down all my progress in a notebook. Took 10 minutes to chose one. I thought it might encourage me………..

About 11am.

Opened Gimp which I have already on my laptop. But after about 20 minutes unsuccessful fiddling I thought I might have an old version.

Downloaded another ” amazing ” app. Not remotely amazing.

Lunch time. Chilled out literally with this week’s video made by a Dutch guy who is restoring a house in the Italian Alps. Lots of snow.


Made new folder to put newly upgraded photos in. Feeling hopeful.

Downloaded updated Gimp. Took 20 mins.

Couldn’t find it on my laptop.

Found a new episode of landscape artist of the year on youtube.

Uninstalled Gimp.

Downloaded new version again.

Spoke to daughter on phone.

Decided to check if my photos were actually okay to print in a book.

Looks like they are already good enough. As long as it’s not a very big book.

Went back on Gimp as I don’t like to be beaten. Still couldn’t make it work!!!!!

Now the sun is shining outside. Fluffy is asleep on my black chair and I am finished work for today.

She sleeps a lot
Hurray, blue sky.


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