2023 in Pisticci….more fog….

I’m enjoying being relaxed about work . My plan is to start something on Monday. Haven’t actually decided what that something will be.

Worrying about buses and trains kept me awake last night. But I finally found a way of returning to Pisticci after 6pm from Bari.

This morning I went to book flights for my next trip in May and discovered that the flight that gets into Bari at 6pm is on a Saturday, and is quite expensive. However there is another cheaper flight on Tuesdays which gets in on time to catch the cheap direct airport bus to ferrandina. I suppose if I am ever stuck in Bari after 6pm at least I know how to get home. I was so pleased with myself at 1am! Doh!!

This morning I went off to the supermarket early as someone was supposed to be coming to look at paintings.

Sun was glimpsed briefly.

Most of today I’ve enjoyed myself using my water based oils to touch up little paintings I did when I was practising, not very successfully, to paint more loosely.

Wearing a coat and hat and with hotdoggio on my knee it was comfortable to paint in the cold side of my house.

These are all on small canvas offcuts .

Fluffy has been around a lot today and took over my chair.

She looks like a sheepskin rug.

I’m expecting a friend soon so hotdoggio is heating up her chair. It’s nearly 19C inside.

I’ve found a new episode of Graham Norton to watch on youtube later on.

Been a very satisfactory day.


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