2023 in Pisticci…flitter, flutter and nothing to show for it……

I’m so glad I decided to keep a little black book or today I’d be thinking that I had sat about eating chocolate, speaking on the phone, making peanut butter and watching a video demo on how acrylic paint compares to oils.

But thanks to having a blank page to fill……

I begun today with deciding to wrap my latest portrait in clear plastic. Only I did it on my work bench which un noticed by me was rather sawdusty.

It wouldn’t brush off, which was when I noticed that there was a pencil line showing through the background on the painting so I had to take it all off again.

( am going to buy a large clear bag at the Meetmarket tomorrow. )

I was staying home today as after ignoring an email about a delivery I was expecting I then found I had to book a time for it to be delivered. I booked it for this afternoon so it arrived about 10.30am .

Then I was contacted by someone about picking up the portrait I had been fiddling about with yesterday. I was convinced they wouldn’t like it. I was wrong and might have another 2 commissions soon.

After that I set to work on doing a sketch of a tree which is for my next mural. As it only took about half an hour I wondered what I could have done wrong. I haven’t emailed it yet. Will do it in the morning when I’m feeling more optimistic.

The washing went well today. It was windy and I had it all back inside by lunch time. Very satisfying.

Then I thought I’d devote an hour to my book project. I pottered about just trying things. Then pressed the ” do it for you” button and in a few seconds I had a plan for a 69 page picture book. After that I discovered that there were some photo doubles and a few that had too few pixels. So I deleted them , but was left with empty pages. Not knowing how to delete pages I spent the next half hour on my phone looking for other paintings to use. Finally I found 5. Then I found the button to delete the pages. Doh!!!

I’m learning………..slowly…

Here are the five paintings I could have used to fill the empty pages.

Took a photo of this door yesterday
My old street…
The building on the right is being repaired. Took a photo of it yesterday.
Part of a very colourful scene I’ve painted twice.
I like this one.

Now it’s 5pm and time for wine. I have some of the home made stuff left. Good.


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