2023 in Pisticci….mostly photos

This morning I was out seeing where my next piece of work will be. Then back in Pisticci I decided to go for a walk and write down more of the street names of my local scene paintings.

This wasn’t entirely successful as I went back and forward looking for a street sign which sometimes was near number one in a street….. but not always.

However I did get some great photos and am thinking of making a new folder with them for my next painting project.

Followed this street to number one , but no name. Lovely photo.
Was tired of walking back and forward by this time. Love the through view.
Managed to get the big church in the background.
First time I’ve seen the door open so had to have a photo
This door , the light, the shadows….love it.
Like the shapes and the little bit of sunshine
An odd little corner.
I like the through view again.
The old tower is fine…..its the newer building getting fixed. Loved the contrasts.
Can never resist washing and shadows.

The remainder of the day I spent fiddling about with an older portrait making it worse then better again.

And now I’m drinking home made wine. Friends helped drink the other bottle last night.


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