2023 in Pisticci….been trying to paint the sea…….

And it’s not going very well. For lots of reasons I think.

For instance the canvas is 100x40cms so it’s very wide.

Then I don’t really know how to paint the sea.

Followed by , this painting is supposed to be slightly stylised and not so much realistic.

But , I’ve been trying to paint it realistically and failing.

Also the beach umbrellas don’t exactly meet up ….or in other words my composition is not very good.

The painting is loosely based on one I did several years ago which was a different shape …..and I think I struggled with it too.

So today the sea part of this painting has repeatedly gone from plain to full of waves etc and back again. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of the different looks.

I also watched several sea painting videos.

This is where it is for now. There will be a way forward………


Unlike my painting the washing was a great success. It’s been very windy and warm today and after hanging out washing about 8.30am it was all dry and laid away before lunch time. That felt good.

I also found a third book in the crime series I’ve been reading. Nice weekend treat.

So tomorrow I might need to rethink this painting.

But it’s wine time now and time for an episode of “Murder in Suburbia ” followed by some Miss Marple.


Still very windy.

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