2023 in Pisticci….when a friend gives you lemons..

Then what else should I do but paint them.

However first it was time to go to the supermarket as it wasn’t raining.

Hurray! Blue sky.

And at the supermarket there was a lovely selection of flowers. Encouraged by one of the nice ladies who work there I bought 2. Once she had suggested I could paint them what else could I do …….

Back to the lemons…..

Nice bright light from the sun on my work table.
They were big lumpy lemons.

Then there were the flowers…….

I decided that I’d better plant them, but took photos first.

Drawn….very roughly. I need some practice at pots and perspective.

There was just time to have a little practice with my new pens……

Another old painting ” improved”.

Before I felt tired and in need of wine .

Nice bright evening light.

Nearly the weekend again……cheers 🍷🍷

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