2023 in Pisticci….Oh what a lovely day. …….

It was great to sit outside on my doorstep eating eggs, cheese and spicy tomato sauce for breakfast.

Everything looked gorgeous, as I had cleaned up all the rubbish which had been pulled out of my bin and and scattered down the street. Fluffy didn’t do it!.

Spring is beautiful. More roses blooming.

My door has swollen after all the rain and had to be closed with the aid of my large hammer. If it’s like last time then it’ll be fine in a week or two.

After finding a spring outfit, minus thermals, it was time to stroll uptown, stopping on the way to see a whole lot of treasures , vintage and hand made in one of my favourite shops.

Coffee, chat, meeting new people and a trip to the countryside followed. The sun shone. It really feels like summer is coming.

And I have a new mural to paint when I get back from Scotland. Am looking forward to that.

Back home the drawing of my new plant was waiting.

Am very pleased with this.

It was fun to use my new acrylic crayons to add a few details. I used a photo as reference, but I had taken a very good one and fiddled about with it until I got it how I wanted. ( the actual plant is planted and no way was I sitting in the street in an uncomfortable position and with all my equipment on the ground.) This painting was done while comfortably sitting at my desk and listening to a Hamish Macbeth audiobook.

Then my friends upstairs arrived.

It’s still sunny.

Looking out over the valley.
Will need to cut my ” lawn” I think…….

Wine time is definitely due, and it’s Friday.


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