2023 in Pisticci…read a lot…..

It’s not great to be wide awake at 4.30 and then get up at 5.30am for no particular reason other than it’s too boring to stay in bed.

By 10am it felt like lunch time.

I’d had breakfast, done the washing and hung it out, finished off 2 paintings, and been uptown to buy wine and have a coffee.

It was hot and sunny outside.

Inside it’s still hat and jumper temperature.

I’m lucky that I’m half way through a detective series set in Wales which has relatively pleasant detectives and not too much blood and gore. I feel that I’m also learning a little about the country, though all the place names seem the same.

I’m still having fun with my new pen brush things.

They are all a bit brighter than previously.

I think ” brighter” sells.

I found another youtube artist who paints watercolours and today he was was ” brightening” a painting which hadn’t sold. So it’s not just me ……..

I’m glad it’s wine time now. I’m tired and feeling a bit off. There is a new episode of ” Have I got news for you” available on youtube. That should help.


Flowers and my street are looking pretty.

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