2023 in Pisticci.. more sorting going on…….

This week I’m meaning to make some sketches for my next mural. So I’ve started the process which involves youtube and Pinterest to help with technicalities and inspiration. I already have at least 2 ideas , but I think It will be Wednesday before I start drawing. I used to think I was procrastinating , but now I feel that I’m collecting information which will come out in the drawing.

In the meantime I’m still playing with my acrylic pen/brush thingies.

I found several old watercolour sketches and ” improved “them.

Also found the flower painting.

It was very pleasant , after a quick trip to the farmacia, to sit at my desk and work while listening to a Hamish Macbeth audiobook.

I found some sketches I did of local people as well, but they don’t need improved. I like them just the way they are.

Not a very clear photo

My roses are coming out now and sitting on the doorstep drinking coffee or wine is very pleasant.

They are lovely and all grown from an original yellow rose that was a gift. I broke bits off , stuck them in pots and mostly they grew.

Am glad it’s wine time now. I have more paintings to fix tomorrow…..

This morning….

Cheers 🍷🍷

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