2023 in Pisticci….sewing, and not much painting done…..

It was market day in Scanzano . That’s  where there is a very big stall full of second hand clothes ( and more) mostly priced at €2 an item. I find it irresistible  and sometimes overwhelming. 

Today I bought a very large pair  of denim dungarees. I assumed that I could make them a bit smaller. I like big clothes , but they were a little too massive.

Then tempted by a €3 sign I bought a long dress.

I had been thinking about retail therapy and reckoned it was very much cheaper than the real thing.

And I love dungarees. They make me feel youngish, arty and just generally fun. ( that’s  therapeutic!)

The dress was bought entirely because I could visualise myself in the summer” floating” around my house paint brush in hand looking all romantic and dreamy…..sigh!

The dress needs no adjustment.

Better without the trainers and jeans.

The dungarees  however required a lot of sewing, cutting and thinking. As I’m not at all a seamstress and forgot to check youtube to see if there was a simple solution it took me all afternoon to more or less make them wearable. It’s  possible that I’ll do a bit more and add some patches.  It might be that because they are not so good that I’ll wear them around the house a lot. They might be improved with some paint splashes.

And on…….

There wasn’t much time for painting.

Played about with this for 20mins.

Planning to go out tonight so will be delaying wine time.

Unless there’s a thunderstorm and heavy rain , in which case I’m staying home.

Cheers for later. 🍷🍷

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