2023 in Pisticci….mural planning, fog and roses on denim……..

It’s horrible outside just now.

Wind, rain and fog…..

But inside I’m warm and smiling.

This morning I spent several hours planning my next mural.

Lots of crayons……

My first idea is drawn and I think it will work, but tomorrow I might make another plan, even though right now I can’t think of a better idea.

What is really making me smile is that having an hour to spare I sewed some patches on my latest denim dungarees which mostly hide my horrible sewing……and then I thought that I’d paint some roses on them. After all I know that once I get acrylic paint on my clothes it won’t come off, so why not!

Copied some roses off this material which I like.
Roses and erratic patches
Another patch.

I hope I will wear these this summer. I could even decorate them some more………

Surely I would feel very cool and artistic wearing them.

I enjoyed going out for pizza with friends last night and now I have a lift to the railway station on Tuesday.

I’d like to write another story while I hang around at the airport. Hopefully an idea will come to me.

Now it’s cosy wine time. Nice to be inside.


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