2023 in Pisticci….just sitting here…..

Wondering what to say……..

It’s been a quiet Sunday. Outside it was foggy , dull and damp.

I slept late, until 7.30am.

After breakfast I wondered about improving my “sort of” embroidery on my jumper. So I got out my new crayons and ” painted ” some wool. It seemed to work.

I wanted to make some shading on my roses.

In my , possibly biased, opinion this is an impressionist piece of embroidery.

At a bare minimum it has covered the 2 stains.

After that I was bored so I went off to read the last part of my kindle book. It was the final one in the series . I’ve found another series now which I might like. ( all on kindle unlimited. )

Then I wrote a list of things to pack in my ” non luggage” under the seat bag. If I’m very careful I might have enough space to be able to bring a few things back.

I’m looking forward to going away. I feel like a change.

There is a mural, a project and possibly some art lessons to look forward to when I get back.

There are some people to meet when I’m away.

It has felt like a long day . I tried improving a few small paintings, but without a lot of enthusiasm.

A scene in Rome.
A watercolour sketch from years ago.

Now it’s wine time and I’ve found some salami and pieces of cheese in the fridge. 🙂

It’s vlog night.


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