riches and stress and the JUST GET ON AND DO IT MEDICINE!

Been doing lots of stuff since I last wrote this and now have got all worried about ever being able to write this again.

Same happens with painting. Been making small prints of some of my paintings and they look really good. Now I am finding it hard to get started real painting again.

I think its high expectations on my part, which I rarely if ever live up to , so I convince myself that 75% is ok ( I read that in a book somewhere. It s supposed to get you over feeling not good enough!) But I am not entirely convinced so whenever there is a breath of criticism or even not ,I get stuck in a panic.

But here I am writing this. ( If other people feel like this I would love to know.) And when I am finished I will go and start painting cause that is the only cure I know off. (The “just get on and do it medicine”)

Reading about writing blogs is very confusing . There seem to be lots of reasons for doing it and trying to include  them all in this blog is about as stupid as trying to paint like an impressionist and leonardo da vinci and piccasso all at once. ( interesting must try it sometime)

So this blog is about me being a person , who is making a living as an artist , who needs to keep herself encouraged and would like to know that there are other people similar. (actually I know there are people similar, because I am following their blogs)

As for the riches in the title , thats how it feels when I am scootering through the countryside taking photos of all the spring flowers. It is gorgeous. Then I have a chandelier in my studio that is beautiful and completely over the top. I have a great new book on illustration to look at and a whole lot of interesting people I know both in reality and virtually.

But now I need to go take the JUST GET ON AND DO IT MEDICINE.

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